FASHION // Style Icon: Mick Jagger

It's hard to look past those lips and that hair when it comes to Mr. Jagger, but he's arguably the most stylish lead singer to come out of his era. His early style veered more toward lots of velvet and dandy-inspired attire, with a simpler look later in career.

What never changed was his androgynous style injected with overt masculinity. Jagger may well be the king of mixing women's wear with lots of unadulterated sex appeal. It's clear his look inspired the style of this generation's rock stars, as feminine elements like slim cuts and fearless flamboyant details still reign.

Jagger's look gave the next generation of boys hope that they can fit into their girlfriend's jeans AND still be wildly attractive. Try a skinny velvet blazer for a night on the town (the ladies and cute boys will notice, guaranteed) or dark slim cut jeans for a toned down day look. Look at you channelin' Mick already!

Image Credit: The Rolling Stones

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