FASHION// MEN: The Guayabera

Guys don't have many options when it comes to staying cool - no sundresses, skinny strap tanks or skirts. A little more creativity is needed, as I think we can all agree that men's tanks aren't the most ideal style-wise. Meet the guayabera! This lightweight 100% cotton (or linen) garment is a Latin American staple, and will keep you feeling very suave all summer long.

The US-made guayaberas mostly come from Miami-based factories owned by Cuban Americans. The gentlemen at the Art of Manliness tell us about the essential features of these airy shirts:

  • Meant to be worn untucked 
  • Shirt front must have either two or four pockets
  • Tuxedo pleating should run vertically down the front of the shirt
  • Traditionally worn for weddings, but can be worn for any festive occasion (or just hangin' out) 

Where can you find 'em? If you don't mind used, look for guayaberas at vintage stores and thrift shops. Lots of boutiques here in Austin have them, like New Brohemia on South Congress. They're also a ton of shops available for custom orders, such as Dos Carolinas out of San Antonio. It's a way classy shirt and, paired with linen trousers, you're looking very suave. 

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