FASHION // Bobby Pin Roundup

Bobby pins perform a thankless task in many of our beauty routines. They hold back the pieces of hair that would otherwise stick up awkwardly and save us on those days when we wake up fifteen minutes late and don't have time to wash our hair. The bobby pin was invented by San Francisco cosmetics manufacturer Luis Marcus in the 1920s to hold bobbed hair in place.

Although the classic brown bobby pin always does the trick, we prefer to have some fun with patterns and bold colors - it gives a little attention to the saviors of bad hair days (or locked doors!). Below are five of our favorites. 

1 // Make your own! Check out Brit + Co's DIYs with glitter and neon

2 // Flash Bobby Pin Set via Ban.do

3 // Deco Sparkle Set via Jane Tran

4 // Lucky Trendy Black Bobby Pins via Ricky's

5 // Pin Tin via Bumble and Bumble

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