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It seems like everyone and their mommas are content creators these days. The Internet's chock full of amazing design inspiration, DIYs, well-curated online shops, etc etc. Even with all of the good stuff out there, things need freshening sometimes. We're on the lookout for new inspiration via some of your favorite design blogs. Where are y'all getting inspiration from these days?

// Plenty of Colour // 

Plenty of Color is a design blog that fills the "I'm looking for [this] palette" niche perfectly.  Chloe Douglas is a Vancouver designer (side note: why are so many cool fashion/design related things coming out of Vancouver lately?!) who founded Plenty of Color to celebrate her life-long fascination with any and all color palettes. Readers can discover palettes found in nature, street art, or new design trends.

// Honey Kennedy // 

Honey Kennedy is one of those blogs you find and feel like the blog goddesses have smiled upon you. It's a mix of refined aesthetic, diverse content, and relatable, engaging tone. This makes sense when you learn that Jen McCabe is a writer by trade, based out of Portland.  Honey Kennedy (named for her grandma) is mostly style-focused, but has a strong design section. Look for a lot of great Portland studio tours with makers around the city.

// Life in Sketch //

A candidate for 2014's best interiors blog on Modenus.com, Life in Sketch is the baby of New York interior designer Tina Ramchandani. You can trust that ideas and tools offered in this blog have been approved by someone who knows her stuff, as Tina's portfolio runs from commercial interior to high end residential. Our favorite section is the "Chic and Affordable" subcategory, featuring everything from ten stylish sofas under $100 to relevant features, like news of Ikea's family discount program.  

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