CURATE // Collecting Vintage Design Books

Tumblr's an endless trove of design inspiration when it's not a realm for teen girls. Our most recent hunt resulted in scans of old interior decor books - the sort you'd find at Half Price or your grandmom's house. The idea of using vintage design books for inspiration came by way of interior design shop Dry Dock Shop.

The search continued from there. This article from the Wall Street Journal lists the top five retro design books a collector/design lover should have on their shelf. Names like Terence Conran or Billy Baldwin, designer for the stars, might sound familiar to design aficionados. These books offer a refreshing change from the ultra polished photos easily accessible all over blogs and Pinterest.

The reward is almost that you have to work for the inspiration. If you look beyond the kitschiness of certain design elements of the era (or embrace them depending on your taste), you'll see the relevancy of core design principles gently masked by another time. Finding these old books can be a fun adventure in itself - check out garage sales, your neighborhood Goodwill, your grandma's house, etc.

Photo Credits to Dry Dock Shop and the Wall Street Journal

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