CURATE // Chocolate Bars or Art?

We were inspired by Anthology's June post on these chocolate bar masterpieces from a collaboration between Mexican boutique called Unelefante and chocolatier Jorge Llanderal. The chocolate aisle at Central Market and Whole Foods is the best for gallery-worthy packaging - it almost makes you not care about the chocolate inside (almost).

// Summerbird Chocolates //

This chocolate bar has the most amazing description: "friend and dark spicy chocolate with fruity notes and a hint of muscovado sugar."

// Mast Brothers // 

Mast Brothers may consistently have the best chocolate packaging. We love the preppy, fun, and classic designs, and that they partner with American businesses like Stumptown Coffee and Maine Sea Salt.

// Marou // 

This chocolatier is known for being super environmentally-friendly, made with cacao grown in Vietnam.

// Compartes // 

Compartes is an LA-based chocolatier that's been in business for 60 years. Their designs are over the top (in a good way) with bars feature Great Gatsby-inspired packaging.


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