CURATE // Photographer William Clift

A lot of our design inspiration is culled from the American West and its national parks, geographic formations, and bold colors against natural backdrops. When we saw the work of photographer William Clift, we were struck by his eye for images that can be austere on the surface, yet full of emotion and mystery. Kelsey, our marketing assistant, discovered his work in a gallery just off the Plaza in Santa Fe.

Last year his work was exhibited at the New Mexico Museum of Art as an exhibit called Mont St. Michel and Shiprock: Photographs by William Clift. He moved to Santa Fe in 1971 and slowly began introducing himself to the intense scenery and evocative feelings that can result. According to this interview, he was born in Boston in 1971 and began taking photos as early as ten years old.

The image of his daughter is one of our favorites. Her stare is arresting, filled with growing maturity and youth. These contrast with his other vast images of huge formations and stark colors. His work fluctuates between warm and cool, yet the emotional depth is the same.

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