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From the double standards of ghostwriting in the female rap industry to an inventor with a Guinness Record, this week's material will either inspire you or incense you (or both?!)

// Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and Ghostwriting // Wondering Sound

At the BET awards, Nicki Minaj made some not-so-vague accusations about female rappers using ghostwriters (cough, Iggy, cough). This essay is a compelling argument for why Minaj's comments should be taken for more than just shade-throwing.

// Mariah Tyler // I Love Texas Photo

For those of you who don't yet follow the I Love Texas Photo account on Instagram, stop what you're doing and spend a second clicking follow. It features work from respected photographers and other creatives who may not be photo professionals, but have compelling, informed work. This past week featured Mariah Tyler, a young Dallas photographer who has an eye for addressing cultural and race issues with compositions that feel spontaneous yet perfectly captured.

// Colin Furze - Inside The Mind Of An Inventor // Man of Many 

Man of Many posted a link to this Vimeo Staff Pick on inventor and crazy guy Colin Furze. He has a Guinness Record for converting a mobility scooter that reaches up to 71 miles per hour, and his inventions have occasionally gotten him on the wrong side of the law. This is a cool video about the mind of a driven inventor, who *fun fact* is also a plumber by the way.

Photo Credit: Mariah Tyler

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