Getting the Picture via The Washington Post
Longreads posted a link to this throwback article from 2007 on a journalist who changed from covering wars to shooting weddings. Wedding photographers can be looked down upon by photojournalists, but this piece proves they shouldn’t be. This is a lovely story on the deep humanity that reveals itself in a seemingly light, celebratory place.

The Single Ladies Totally Doable Summer Bucket List via HelloGiggles
Our studio manager Amanda sent the SOS staff an email throwing down the gauntlet for this summer list. We’re going to see how many of these we can knock out, some of the most fun being eating kids food for a whole day to learning the handshake from the Parent Trap.

Alpaca Pin Cushion DIY via Frankie
Frankie Magazine sorta makes us want to relocate to Australia. They consistently feature the best new independent fashion, design news, DIYs and more, all with a sweet sensibility. This alpaca pin cushion DIY (originally from Small Good Things) is pretty much the cutest thing. It’s also a great “just because” gift for your alpaca loving (??) friends.

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