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It's so easy feat not showing up everywhere (job, dates, etc) sweaty and a little disheveled when it's 90-something degrees in what can feel like 100% humidity. It requires some creative planning, with one main rule being always having perfume on you! We found three excellent DIYs to help you stay cool on-the-go this summer when you don't have a pool and/or shower in close proximity.

First, hydrate!

We love mason jars and these RIDICULOUSLY CUTE toppers for environmentally friendly water bottles. Grab one for this recipe for fruit infused water care of Eat. Drink. Love. Most any fruit works for this, so feel free to experiment with any combination. That being said, starting with this amazing watermelon mint is our recommended first option. Get the recipe here!

Second, refresh!

So you're out on the town, going from swimming, to lunch with friends, to the boyfriend's house. All this hot-cool-hot temperature switching leaves you feeling clammy with sweaty bangs.This awesome  California Sunshine Citrus perfume is great to keep in your bag as a quick refresher when you're running around. Get the recipe via Henry Happened here. (Another quick tip: a travel-sized bottle of baby powder is great for dealing with sweaty armpits and bangs)

Third, shower outdoors! 

An outdoor shower seems like a luxury yet is actually pretty simple to construct. Showering outdoors is a happy zen place where you're getting clean while getting some fresh air. Spend an afternoon getting in touch with your handyman side with this outdoor shower DIY from Martha Stewart. This is great for rinsing off sludge from a trip to the lake or a hike when you don't want to trek dirt inside. 

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