Today we're doing tall, dark and handsome for Tuesday's style icon Gregory Peck. Peck has often been credited with quoting "tough times don't last, but tough people do." Some research into the matter leaves that citation debatable, but reading about Peck's life leaves you assured that the quote could easily have been his.

Arguably the most famous actor of the 40's , 50's and 60's, Mr. Peck was the whole package. The oft-used phase "ruggedly handsome" applies in its truest form to Peck's dark features, ruffled hair and 6'2 stature.

Besides being an incredibly talented actor (most famously in "To Kill a Mockingbird"), he was just a really good guy. He fought hard against war and racism, and was an outspoken advocate for gay rights. One of our favorite things about the actor is that he had an enduring love story (over 50 years!) with his French journalist wife, Veronique. Here are some of our favorite looks from the most gentlemanly of gentlemen.

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