FASHION // Friend Date

It’s more common to discuss what to wear on a ~romantic~ date, a date date, but little is said about what to wear with friends. Let’s be real, your friends will probably notice the intricacies of your outfit more than your date (he or she will be too nervous to care that much). So it’s high time we stop slacking on the friend date outfit.

Day at the mall: Lazy Oaf x Garfield Mega Print Dress
Tap into your inner teen mall rat with this FANTASTIC Garfield print dress. Lazy Oaf knows how to do fun graphics in a way just short of being tacky (but with a knowing wink tacky’s direction).

Day at the pool: Asos Soft Shorts With Dolphin Hem
So these are sort of retirement community chic, but we all taking style tips from a rich Florida grandma is okay around friends.

Day hanging out at home: Dusen Dusen Objects Oversize Tee Dress
This is comfy and fun, and perfect for lounging around catching up on all the reality TV you’re too embarrassed to discuss with anyone but the very closest amigos.

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