CURATE // Indoor Desert

Cacti, for the prickly, hardy creatures they are, kinda seem like they should be cartoon characters. They're plants with personality, and they come from an ecosystem with lots of vivid color. For these reasons (and because they look very nice on a handmade wood table against a white wall on blogs), they've become popular motifs in art. Check out these delightful finds below:

Ceramic Cacti Plants // via Jealous Curator

Spanish artist Lina Cofán has created something just as cute (and safety-proof) as the real thing.

Suburban Cacti // Caroline Larsen

 We're just as surprised as you are to learn these are paintings not cross-stitch pieces. Toronto artist Caroline Larsen's paintings are created without thinners for the oil paint she uses. These suburb-in-the-desert landscapes are brilliant.

Cactus Nail Art // via Etsy

Nail decals may seem like the lazy woman's nail art, but also the very SAVVY, SMART woman's nail art. Via Etsy, Kate Broughton's gold cactus decals are the cutest.

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