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 If you want to guarantee a terribly inspiring few hours, take yourself down the rabbit hole of Tumblr artists and blogs like The Jealous Curator. There's an endless amount of super cool ladies making great art, be it out of yarn, clay or pixels. Below are three women creating things that will be filling up our Pinterest pages and Tumblrs.

Molly Soda

Molly Soda's a girl of the Internet. She's "Tumblr famous" with 30,000-plus followers, and she was the most prominent member of the world's first digital art auction, PADDLES ON!. A trip to her site features, first thing to note, an instrumental version of "Nothing Compares 2 U." Blurred out Windows 95 start bars abound, along with animated graphics of computer game characters. We feel like her work may elicit strong feelings in either direction (either you'll LUV it or be severely annoyed), but it's undeniable that her work is moving along the field of digital art to places it hasn't been before.

Michele Quan

We're moving from pixels and Internet circa 2000 to nature, ceramics and astronomical things. Michele Quan is a Brooklyn-based ceramicist, jeweler and artist who was featured most recently in W magazine's June 2014 art issue, Elle Decor, Design*Sponge, and more. Her work is both high art and accessible. Here in Austin, it's stocked at HIJO, partner boutique to JM Drygoods. Most recently, she added a capsule collection of 18K gold and silver jewelry to her ceramic collection "The Eye, The Sun, The Moon and The Stars." Our favorites are the birdhouses hung with hemp rope and painted with fine black details on a rough white surface.

Paddy Johnson

Paddy Johnson is an art voice you should know, if you don't already. She has a crazy good resume: Arts Editor for the L Magazine, contributor to The New York Times, The Economist and The Awl, and first blogger to earn a Creative Capital Arts Writer grant from the Creative Capital Foundation. But what we want to focus on is her blog, Art F City. It's the lovingly curated product of someone who spends A LOT of time looking at art across all mediums. Just on today's page, you'll find inflatable boobs and a YouTube video of cats performing a famous three-piece piano composition by composer Schoenberg. 

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