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Welcome to the second part of our Morning Cup series, featuring independent coffee shops and roasters that are shaking up coffee communities around the country. The last part of our series was California-oriented, and today it’s time to get caffeinated in the lone star state.

Between Austin, Dallas and Houston, there’s probably a hundred different shops that could be featured (just in Austin alone). We’ll give you three that we’ve noticed recently, the ones newer to the business that are doing big things. Read on!

In Austin: The Buzz Mill - This 24-hour coffee shop/bar/restaurant/community hub pulls off at least four different businesses beautifully. It’s a place just as suited for working on your computer as it is for hanging with friends. We love the retro park ranger touches, too!

In Houston: Righteous Bros. Coffee - Our friends at Monorail Studio told us about their new favorite roaster, Righteous Brothers, as we were sipping homemade cappuccinos. Daniella and Sandrine love the Ethiopian Sundried Organic Coffee because it tastes “like a blueberry muffin in a cup.”

In Dallas: Cultivar Coffee - Cultivar was chosen by Eater.com as one of 38 “essential coffee shops across America,” which is an impressive accomplishment for a business that started in 2009. They have a wide selection of single-origin coffees and are served in top Dallas restaurants such as FT33.

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