It’s Friday, babes, and thank goodness for that. Finish up work early and check out what we enjoyed this week!


Lykke Li Grows Up via W Magazine

Ms. Li just debuted her third album, I Never Learn, and dubbed it her first grownup endeavor. We enjoyed this W Magazine feature on the Swedish singer-songwriter, and her upcoming H&M collaboration.


Famous Late Bloomers in Life via Refinery29

With people like 18-year-old Tavi Gevinson, a media mogul in a teenager’s body, you can start to feel over the hill while you’re in still in your mid-twenties. This article smartly points out that there are plenty of folks who weren’t teen prodigies and that it might be better to have more time to learn from your mistakes.


Samantha Pleet 

We’re fantasizing about summer wardrobe shopping (and doing it safely behind our computer screens because it is gross outside in Austin, Texas). Samantha Pleet came on our radar recently and her site is a trip to the toy store for fun, girly staple pieces. We love this jumpsuit especially!

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