CURATE // 20x200: Making Quality Art Accessible

In a city like Austin, we’re always surrounded by people creating, whether it’s a song, a flower arrangement, the perfect hot dog or a piece of jewelry. You’d think that seeing creative communities flourish would make the idea of purchasing pieces of art more accessible.


And yet, I don’t think most people feel like purchasing a piece of art is something they can easily do. When you’re at a gallery admiring pieces, often the experience is accompanied by a price tag that’s at least $100 (and probably more).


Let us introduce 20 x 200. Started in 2007, this site has been working hard to make great art accessible (read: affordable) to the public. Good art doesn’t need to have an eyebrow-raising price tag, and the folks behind 20x200 want you to know that.


Prices for pieces across the spectrum of mediums range from around $20 to $60. There are so many fantastic artists to choose from, and you could potentially buy art for your whole house for a very reasonable amount. Check it out, y’all.

Photos // 

125 Swimming Pools  by Jenny Odell

Curvilinear Time by Jessica Snow

Holden by Jacob Escobedo

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