Three Links We Love

This week’s featured links are skewed more towards links we forgot we loved! Here are three old(ish) favorites we rediscovered:

Supermarket Sarah

Those of us at the studio who hadn’t heard of Supermarket Sarah were enthralled with the mini boutiques curated on the site. A single wall turns into a whole canvas of goods, artfully arranged and available for purchase. Sarah Bagner is a London-based designer, vintage seller and curator, who’s also worked with cool folks like Tatty Devine and art collective Jaguar Shoes.

Elsa Billgren

Elsa Billgreen seems to lead the sort of fanciful existence that looks perpetually like an old movie. She’s a redhead with classic beauty and killer vintage style, from whimsical frocks to pincurled hair. Billgren blogs for Elle Sweden, and we sort of want to move to Sweden with her.


We had stumbled across this visual design inspiration blog some time ago, and it was a happy surprise to rediscover it. There’s a trove of intimate interviews and studio tours with people doing cool, creative stuff in Austin, Houston and elsewhere.

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