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Sometimes, particularly with online shopping, you forget the gems that lie in your own backyard. There’s a crop of boutique bookstores that have opened in our fair city, and they feature an excellent array of independent presses, zines and more. Local bookstores can be one of the best ways to learn about the heart of a city’s cultural scene. Read on to learn more about these three shops…


Farewell Books is the reinvention of what used to be Domy Books. There’s a cool story behind the reincarnation of the shop. Two of Domy’s employees wanted to save the shop from dying when Domy’s owners decided to stick with their Houston location. They launched a Kickstarter and gave all they had to reopening it as Farewell, with the same urban, arts-driven spirit as its predecessor. Their selection, while small, is killer, and they always have a cool opening or talk to attend.

Malvern Books

Malvern Books is probably the coolest thing that could have gone in the UT campus shopping center after adult video store Dreamers closed. We stopped in a few weeks ago and were blown away by the selection, mostly consisting of picks from independent presses around the country. Their site is also consistently updated with cool content and events, like the poetry karaoke reading coming up April 22nd!

South Congress Books

For a lot of Austinites, sometimes we forget the existence of one of our city’s gems, South Congress, until friends from out of town come to visit. South Congress has a lot of gems worth visiting any day of the week, and South Congress Books is one of them. They have a good selection of used books and well-preserved first editions. It’s a great place to buy something special for a book lover.

Photo credits to Hypercastle, Orange Magazine and Yelp.

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