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Mary-Kate and Ashley, child stars turned successful, CFDA award-winning designers, are mostly talked about for their style quirks. In the mid-2000s they pioneered the phrase boho-chic, with Mary-Kate taking it to an occasionally parodied extent with exaggerated layers and way oversized coats.

The most admirable style attribute of both Olsens is how they completely own their look. They’re undeniably high fashion, but their aesthetic has always had a California casual and eclectic feel that never bores. A recent quote by Mary-Kate admitting that she had just learned how to brush her hair confirms this laid-back sensibility.

The Row and Elizabeth & James, the Olsens’ high end labels, have turned them into genuinely successful designers. It’s no secret that they work hard and are involved in every detail of the design process. This dedication has evolved their public persona from child star celebrities to respected designers, almost completely detached from their straight-to-video past.

If you can’t tell by the fawning we’re doing, two out of five SOS employees are huge MKAA fans. We’ve copped a thing or two from the girls’ style over the years, starting with their circa 2000 choppy tresses to now. Get the look with lots of layers, a mostly dark, muted palette, simple pieces, and sunglasses, always the sunglasses.

Get the Look: 

Knot Sisters / Canyon Pant / $76

Nasty Gal / Cheap Monday Sweater / $95

Olsenboye / Wayfarer Sunglasses / $24

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