FASHION // Style Icon: Joe Frazier, Professional Boxer

Recently we were reading GQ’s list of quintessential style icons (e.g. Paul Newman, Steve McQueen) and their style counterparts who haven’t received their due recognition. While Muhammad Ali is often recognized for his classic, elegant style, boxer Joe Frazier is equally as deserving of attention and praise. He fought furiously and doggedly, and looked the epitome of a gentleman outside the ring.

Joe Frazier spent most every facet of his career being overshadowed by Ali, despite being an incredibly talented boxer himself. He’s finally getting some of the accolades that he deserved. While we don’t know a whole lot about boxing around here, we DO know a thing or two about style, and Mr. Frazier had it for miles and miles.

Get his classy seventies-inspired look here:

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