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It’s no secret that this blog skews a little toward the lady side of fashion and style. While that’s a large part of our business, we are also for the dudes. Menswear and menswear-inspired goods are things we love just as much, and we’ve been inspired by some of our recent finds in some of our favorite boutiques and blogs. Check out the goods below (we think you’ll take a fancy to them):

Pretty Hole Collective / Beard Splurge! / $22

Austin-based mystical apothecary collective makes local perfumes and splashes with heady scents. Their perfumes (sold as Las Cruxes in Austin and online) are delicious, and, for gentlemen, they have their Beard Splash and their Beard Splurge. It’s a mix of vetiver and southernwood oil to keep your beard in tip top shape.

Lemon Head Sports / Tan Leather Baseball / $38 / The Lodge

Opening Day passed last week, and, somehow, that always seems like the beginning of spring each year. Lemon Head Sports baseballs are hand-crafted using Horween Chromexcel leathers by Paul Cunningham in New Jersey. Keep this in your trunk (with other necessary goods) and you’ll be ready for a game on the fly.

Jack Spade / Barrel Duffle / $198

Jack Spade, brother brand of Kate Spade, has the same fun take on high ends goods that his sister does. This duffle is made out of durable Apex polyester with strong stainless steel details. We like the address label sewn on, that way there’s no confusion that this sturdy, classic bag is yours.

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