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A while back, in late February, we were informed that American Eagle Outfitters had been selling a bracelet that looked a little too much like our Pecos hand-painted bracelet. We’re happy to update that, due to the persistence of a very good friend, American Eagle has removed the bracelet from their site, and stopped selling it.

While the design was not a 100% exact match to ours, it was extremely close. Close enough for fans of ours to be up in arms and close enough for us to question the origins of the designs. For this, we wanted to start a conversation with American Eagle.

Many, many thanks goes to our friend Robert Jung for being vigilant at getting a response. Because of his persistence and dedication in contacting American Eagle, they responded and took action. Their action in ceasing the sale of the bracelet in question shows, in our opinion, respect for small makers and intellectual property.

We’re happy that this particular matter was resolved. The support of our friends and fans has been overwhelming, and we are pleased with American Eagle’s decision to stop selling this item, and thankful that they chose to discontinue it.

Lastly, though, we would like to reinforce the idea that it is up to businesses, large and small alike, to do their due diligence when introducing a new design. Know where your designs come from. Don’t use someone else’s ideas! And for everyone, support businesses that strive for higher standards, ethics and integrity.

Thanks to American Eagle for removing the bracelet,

thanks to Robert for being awesome, and thanks to everyone else for showing so much support.

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