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One of the most successful posts we’ve ever had on our blog was a post about iced coffee. There is something deliciously seductive about photos of latte art and milk poured in iced coffee, we don’t care how many times it’s Instagrammed.

Speaking of Instagram, on the accounts of West Coast folks like photographer Bonnie Tsang, we’ve been hearing about a lot of cool shops and roasters in Los Angeles (not typically known for a coffee scene), and up and down the coast. Here are 3 roasters/shops you may not have heard of yet:

Handsome Brothers Coffee Roasters / Los Angeles

We started seeing Handsome Brothers in photographer Bonnie Tsang’s Instagram account, and we did a little research for ourselves. The roaster and coffee shop was started by three dudes whose love of coffee comes from all angles of the business: drinking it, making it, and producing it. One of the founders, Tyler Wells, got his start serving Intelligentsia Coffee at Frank here in Austin - cool!

Heartbreak Coffee / Long Beach

We first discovered Heartbreak Coffee when owner Gretchen Williams was interviewed on Design*Sponge. They started receiving attention because of stellar branding, and it turns out their coffee stands out even more. We love the story behind Heartbreak’s name, which, Williams says, is from the success that can come after many heartbreaks.

Heart Coffee Roasters / Portland

We’re noticing a little bit of a trend here with roasters and business names involving “heart” and “handsome.” Baristas must be very romantic people! Heart Coffee Roasters has a unique roasting process that uses green coffee beans and processes them as lightly as possible, retaining all of the flavors and essence of the bean.

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