CURATE // Maker Story: Nancy Mungal from Pretty Little Thieves


Nancy Mungal is the designer behind the line of lovely, melancholy illustrations of young women known as Pretty Little Thieves. Here at Son of a Sailor, we’ve fallen in love with her work many times over, most recently when she did miniature portraits of each Son of a Sailor staff member. Below she talks about the inspiration behind her work and the Typhoon Haiyan pop-up shop fundraiser she and her sister organized.


Tell us a little about yourself, your business, and how Pretty Little Thieves came to be.

Honestly, it came about as a giant leap of faith. I’ve always been drawing, painting and making things but never really shared any of it except with family and friends. I worked in a creative field but art was always calling. I decided at one point that it was time to try to put my work out there and not just have all this work collect in sketch books and boxes.

Your work features illustrations of girls who don’t necessarily look sad, but a bit skeptical and world weary. Where does that inspiration come from, and how did that become an important theme for you?

The inspiration comes from a genuine desire to express the themes of heartache, loneliness, exhaustion, weariness, skepticism and, often, sadness that are a part of portraying who we are. It’s also partly catharsis and emotional storytelling.

What other mediums inspire you outside of illustration and painting? (e.g. other makers, books, being outside, music, etc)

Road trips, music, books and photography.

You and your sister did a really cool online pop-up shop featuring the work of fellow makers and photographers for victims of Typhoon Haiyan. If you would, tell us a little more about how that came about, and how it went for you guys.

Thank you! After we began to see the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, my sister and I felt strongly that we needed to do something. Our family, our history, is from there and had friends’ families directly affected. We started Artists Heal PH. We called upon an incredibly talented and supportive group of artists and makers, like you, to help us. We did an online pop-up shop that was only open for 34 days and involved the work of 97 artists.

We couldn’t have done it without the artists and makers who were so generous with their work, the bloggers who shared our efforts, and the customers who supported both the work and the cause. We gained an incredible sense of community spirit, raised more money that we could have ever done on our own, and affected our own lives.


What’s next on your plate? 

To keep doing the work and hopefully, finding ways to give back.

~A few fun questions to complete~
I can’t get my day started without…

Last spontaneous purchase I made…

a photography book

Song I want to hear on the dance floor…

too many to choose from


Thanks, Nancy! 

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