CURATE // ROUNDUP: Magazines we're Reading


Kindling Quarterly

This sweet little publication describes itself as an “exploration of fatherhood” through essays, interviews, art, photography and more. Each cover features a photo that looks like it could have been pulled from a family album. Their gang of contributors comes from across the spectrum of creative professions. Shawn Brackbill photographs for clients such as Interview magazine and SubPop Records, while another contibutor, Alain de Beaufort, studied anthropology before running an Indian restaurant.


The first unconventional thing noted about Wildland, a new travel journal, is that contributors are not paid by submission. Instead, each writer and photographer gets a share of the profit from each magazine sold. Photographer Nathan Cleary, founder of the publication, brings a rugged, wildchild editorial eye. Check out Issue Two here!

Boat Magazine

Boat Magazine is an independent travel publication that digs deep into slightly unexpected cities around the world. (They’re the cities you won’t see as much in glossier publications.) Boat is also just plain cool. Its most recent issue, Issue 7, focuses on Lima, Peru. From a feature on local designers to a piece on a do-good restauranteur who’s bringing Peruvian cuisine to London, they get at the true culture of a city.

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