SOS // Around the Studio: Quotes

I see your tuna and I raise you Indian food.

- Amanda, our studio manager

So, we love our studio. And our studio has two great windows that let in a lot of light! But those windows don’t open. We don’t really get great ventilation in here, and that sort of means that our studio smells like whatever we cooked for lunch! And let’s just say we all like ourselves some spicy stuff!

It’s not good.

On that note, we’re super excited to be moving into a new studio next month (still in Canopy) that is twice as big and has a door to the outside and three bay doors! Hello fresh air! Goodbye funky funky smell!

Stay tuned for a whole lotta hullabaloo about our new space as soon as it gets finished! For now, here’s a teaser shot of the spot, still under construction.

 photo 5da4cc7a-59bd-44ab-ab29-3b43b62f592b.jpg

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