SOS // Gem Stories: Chrysocolla


We’re featuring all of the gems used in our new collection on the blog to give you the story and inspiration behind our pieces, accompanied by original drawings from Jessica. Last week we did iolite, next up is chrysocolla!


First, a little science lesson: Chrysocolla is a carbonate copper gemstone that resembles turquoise. A 2004 study described it as a copper hydroxide mineral spertiniit mixed with amorphous silica and water. A few countries its found in include Chile, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Israel. Here in the U.S. it’s found all over the west, in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and, across the country, in Pennsylvania.

It’s a stone known for bringing a sense of calmness and restoration. As such, it’s especially good for people with violent or unstable tendencies by encouraging sensitivity. As an ambassador, Cleopatra wore chrysocolla jewelry everywhere.


Theophrastus, Greek philosopher, first used the name “chrysocolla” by combining the Greek words for “gold” and “glue.” It was used by goldsmiths at that time to weld pieces together, and is still a favorite of artists to this day.

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