What we dug into this week…


Literally the Best Thing Ever: The Mall via Rookie

Trips by yourself to the mall was pretty much the coolest thing ever as a preteen. That’s when you knew you were finally growing up. Rookie writer Amber did an excellent job of articulating that precise feeling of freedom and sensory stimulation that the mall provided.


If They Were In Their 20s Today via Man Repeller

Queen of humorous, fun fashion writing, Leandra Medine, gives us her take (accompanied by illustrations) on what icons like Joan Didion and Fran Leibowitz would wear if they were young women today.


Prospect Goods

Is there a happier, more promising phrase than “party in a box?” Yeah, we don’t think so either. Prospect Goods has you set up for when you need a sparkly good time, quick and easy. We love their radiant purple (what’s up Pantone!) party in a box complete with pinata, confetti and fringe backdrop.

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