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Shopping the Girls wardrobe via The L Magazine

There are lots of arguably correct claims that the show Girls misrepresents certain aspects of being in your twenties. If there’s one totally realistic aspect of the show, it’s the wardrobe. This is a fun interview with costume designer Jenn Rogien on the Brooklyn vintage shops that create the spot-on look of each character.


PBS Icons and the Outfits that Changed the World via Rewire on PBS

So there seems to be some sort of connection between signature wardrobe item and PBS fame if this article is any indication. Whether it’s Mr. Roger’s cardigan or Julia Child’s blue work shirt, this tells the story of iconic PBS characters and the item that created their on-screen personality.


Vertical Gardening via Apartment Therapy

Hanging greenery has been all over design sites and Tumblr lately. Broad, leafy greens, with sort of a retro feel, have been coming back in a big way, but it’s a tricky design integration. This post shows you the possibilities of incorporating greens into your living spaces without it resembling your grandma’s indoor ficus tree.

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