GIFT GUIDE // Valentine's Day Goodies

Valentine’s Day has gotten a pretty bad rap - it’s overly commercial, kind of cheesy, and totally sucks for people who aren’t in love or lust with someone. The way we see it, it’s just a fun day to celebrate love of any kind, whether it’s purely physical (hey-oh!), self love, friend love or the romantic kind, too. Send cheesy Valentine’s (like these sweet WCW ones), buy yourself all the chocolate and jewelry, and have a damn good time, whoever you’re loving on.

1 // Tiny Glass Heart Earrings via A Mano

We love these delicate glass hearts by artist Krista Bermeo.

2 // Eternity Ice Cube Tray via Shop Jeen
(Disclaimer: This is good for freaking someone out as a joke. We don’t recommend giving it to someone who you just started dating, they might not get the joke.)

3 // 1940s/1950s Sorority Sister Mini Photograph via Ms. Jeannie Ology
This is a cool piece of ephemera that would make a great friend gift. Delta Delta Delta, y’all.

4 // One Night Stand Potion via Dude, Sweet Chocolate
Chocolate meets tequila meets…a fantastic Valentine’s Day alone.

5 // Bellatrix in Coral (or any of our Polaris and old Classics!)

Son of a Sailor is having a big sale February 4 through 8th! We’re saying farewell to our Polaris collection and our old Classics, and we’re giving you 40% off both of those collections. Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

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