FASHION // Style Inspiration: Olympic Figure Skating

Something about watching Olympic figure skating brings out the wishful little kid in us, begging our parents for lessons after watching Tara Lipinski (back in the day) or Sochi 2014’s Yulia Lipnitskaya. We love the combination of grace and skill with pageantry and theatrics. And lest you ever underestimate the intensity of the sport, we always have the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan case to look back on in horror.

1 // Figure Skater Illustration by Alyssa Korea

We saw this colorful illustration of a figure skater pop up on our Tumblr radar, and were excited to discover that it was done by Austin-based art student and Daily Texan columnist Alyssa Korea.

2 // Ponte Gloria V Skater Dress by American Apparel

This dress is figure skater meets low-cut V-neck sex appeal (leave it to American Apparel).

3 // Sequin Wristlet by Amayahandmade

Figure skating, as we know it, wouldn’t exist without sequins. This clutch pays glamorous tribute off the ice.

4 // Multitude Headbands by Anthropologie

Gotta keep your hair off your face on the ice, y’all. The elastic headbands and scrunchies found at Anthropologie and elsewhere are brilliant creations. They function as elastics that don’t break your hair while serving as cheap, fun accessories.

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