GIFT GUIDE // For your Valentine's Day Pleasure

Approaching Valentine’s Day as a super-serious endeavor that requires chocolate, dinner reservations and a lot of money makes us :-( What makes Valentine’s Day infinitely better is making it a day to celebrate any kind of love - and having a lot of fun in the process. Maybe you’re kissing a boy, maybe you’re kissing a girl, or maybe you’re damn glad to be enjoying some drinks with friends (and maybe you’ll end up kissing them, too? Uh oh?). However you celebrate, here are five quick-n-fun ideas for today.

1. A Very Harlequin Valentine’s Day

This is a cheesy good time to be had. You can send printable valentines with romance novel covers featuring titles like “White Hot Kiss” or “My Sweetest Escape.” Step up the hotness by visiting the Sexy Heroes page, featuring the studliest of military men, cowboys and muscle-heavy heroes.

2. Buy lots and lots of chocolate (and lots and lots of wine) + invite friends + queue up cheesy music videos

Above is a quick recipe for the best of nights. Seriously. Avoid the packed restaurants and bars, call up your very bestest friends, and queue up “Pop Hits of the Nineties” or “Early 2000s Song Compilation" on YouTube and see who out-embarrasses themselves by knowing all the lyrics.

3. Pick up a pack of elementary school-style cards and distribute freely

You know you miss the days of figuring out exactly which Scooby Doo valentine your crush was going to get. Buy a pack of grocery store valentine’s cards or keep an eye out for retro ones (in Austin you can find ‘em at Room Service Vintage!). Distribute to friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and cute passers-by on the street.

4. Go boy crazy

We just discovered Alexi Wasser’s podcast Boycrazy Radio and we’re a little infatuated ourselves. Alexi keeps things super cute, super real and always boy crazy with her call-in advice show. Plus, a recent episode features Modest Mouse’s Jeremiah Green, which is pretty great.

5. It can be about more than just the amorous love…

This idea courtesy of Design*Sponge is pretty nifty. Make today a time to be thankful (think Thanksgiving meets Valentine’s) for the lovely things in life. There are so many of our friends and people we see/hear about/meet in our travels and online doing seriously cool stuff. Write a love letter to the people and things and ideas you have a crush on right now, whether it’s a new blog you love, a favorite new designer, or your kickass coworkers. (which, btw, we’re pretty thankful for the successful launch of our new collection!)



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