SOS // Partners: BRIKA's 33 Habits of Highly Creative People


We’re honored (and super excited!) to be featured in BRIKA’s 33 Habits of Highly Creative People. The gals at BRIKA launched the guide on February 12, and it features interviews from a wide assortment of makers and designers on tips that fuel their creative process.

The visuals are just as bright, crisp and motivating as the tips themselves. It’s a great resource for those days when you feel like there’s a fog stifling the inspiration to jump-start your next project.


The guide is organized in a helpful beginning to end-of-the-process way, with lots of advice on time management and finding inspiration. There are helpful tips on starting projects and getting your ideas into a tangible form from Billy and Jessica. Three other tips we particularly enjoyed are below:

Ellen Bennett from Hedley & Bennett dispenses sage wisdom…

"Just start. Don’t over analyze or over think too much because you’ll only create your own mental stops…"

Becky Hui Chan from Honey & Bloom gives her thoughts on the brainstorming process…

"When you have an idea, write it down. Don’t let any of them get away from you, whether they’re good or not, they might come in handy or spark other ideas."

Emily Reinhart from The Object Enthusiast on productivity…

"Discover when and where you’re most productive…I’m at my most creative in the morning on a rainy day, with my favorite tea."

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