A Brief History of My Having Hair Extensions in Los Angeles via XOJane

An article solely about hair extensions wouldn’t necessarily have caught our attention. When it was combined with Los Angeles and the alluring literary phrase “a brief history of,” we were intrigued. Julieanne Smolinski is a killer writer. More about the consuming, bizarre loneliness that can permeate a city like LA than the extensions themselves, lines like these poke you hard when you read them. "Nobody is going to dim MY enthusiasm," I say, a person in a grocery store with hair extensions and a spray tan, standing in front of a wall of diet soup.

Make Your Own Pots via Zana

This is a lovely little DIY project that will make you feel like summertime’s coming even if the temperature’s in the teens. It looks simple enough, requiring few more ingredients than cement, pearlite and a pot mold. The white cement with gold detailing already has us feeling like we’re on the patio of a tropicana beachside motel.

Maker’s Workshop

Maker’s Workshop isn’t a singular link, but a really rad blog we discovered this week that features the people, places and stories behind makers and artisans. Our favorite feature might be “Get to know the artist,” a column that digs in deep with artists on their inspiration and process.

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