Happy Friday, lovers! Here’s what we were into this week:


Aelfie // Aelfie.com

If you love textiles and pattern inspiration, Aelfie.com will do things to you. The link to this amazing rug emporium got passed around the studio this week, and we are all infatuated. Aelfie Oudghiri is the owner and designer of the Brooklyn-based textile business, and it was pretty cool to read that she got her B.A. in Religion from Columbia. Besides her line of dhurri rugs, her Bushwick showroom is home to hundreds of antique and vintage textiles.


"13 Movies That Everyone Hated, But Are Actually Pretty Good" // Refinery29

No such thing as a guilty pleasure, we like to believe. These movies have the unique cult reputation of being both kinda bad and kinda wonderful. Remember Contact (starring a young Matthew McConaughey!) or Wet Hot American Summer? Time to revisit these gems.


"Barbie: Why Posing for Sports Illustrated Suits Me" // Sports Illustrated

Yes, this is Barbie writing an Op Ed for Sports Illustrated (she’s in charge of creative direction for the issue, y’all). In a smooth PR move, Barbie’s team donned the hashtag #unapologetic and is seemingly a little tired of constantly defending the doll’s plastic frame. Is the concept a little ridiculous? Sure. But Barbie’s a classic toy, and this letter has moments of surprising elegance.

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