CURATE // Three Pinterest Accounts We Love

Three Pinterest Accounts We Love

Lately we’ve been feeling pretty inspired by the cool stuff we’ve seen floating around Pinterest. The site’s obviously been circulating cool stuff for a while now, but we’ve felt a renewed love for the ability to see images that we otherwise wouldn’t have found, images from around the world and throughout fashion/design history. These three pinners have been catching our attention…

Petit Luxes

This is a relatively obscure Italian quarterly but, damn, they must have a full-time curator for their Pinterest page. They have a penchant for unearthing the where-did-this-come-from images onto boards with themes like “Packaging,” “Vision,” “Stylish Granny,” and “Coffee Table Books.”

Dree Harper

Pinterest accounts (and really most anything online) are most compelling when they have a clear aesthetic, but go above and beyond to curate material unlikely to be seen elsewhere. Stylist and Refinery29 contributor Dree Harper has a knack for just that with boards like Editorial Genius, Prison Stripes and Weathered and Wanted.

Jeremy Pruitt

Pinterest leans more toward the feminine crowd, which is silly ‘cause guys need to be visually inspired, too, duh. Artist and designer Jeremy Pruitt has curated multiple boards with all sorts of manly (and unisex!) leanings. Our favorites are Patches, Roughography and Record Labels.

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