// 25 Essential Beauty and Fashion Tips My Gay Father Taught Me via XOJane // The title initially intrigued us because learning new beauty and fashion trips is a guilty pleasure that never dies, and, let’s face it, gay men often know more about style and class than we could hope to. What we didn’t expect is that this article would make us cry. Victoria Loustalot’s father passed away when we was 10 from AIDS, but left her with style tips (and a whole lot of other sage advice) to help carry her through young adulthood. Our favorite might be: “When in doubt, ask yourself if Lauren Hutton would wear it.”

// Yo Vintage: Her via Miss Moss // Vintage wear can be a tricky beast. It’s mostly purchased with the intent of having a signature item that you know will be rare, in some form, to find today. At the same time, we like to find ways to incorporate thrifted or vintage finds in a way that doesn’t always look purposefully dated. This lookbook from Yo Vintage out of Portland, sent to Miss Moss, features the unlikely and beautifully shot theme of the movie Her. The styling is just as innovative today as the eras the pieces came from.

// The 3 Career Investments Every Creative Should be Making via Design Taxi // This article is helpful for anyone who is pursuing a career in a creative field (which is seemingly everyone if you live in a city like Austin). Particularly because freelancing is the way many of us make that career happen, it’s helpful to see how others are getting the job done. The old there’s-no-one-way thing certainly applies, but Todd Henry offers points that are less “you’re doing it wrong” and more “here’s what works for me, it might work for you, too.” His points about having a “side hustle” were our favorites, because it seems that those side interests and businesses can often enhance the skill set and passion level in your day job.

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