AUSTIN, Y'ALL // Pretty City: Some of our favorite (Austin) Instagrammers

We’ve lately been discovering some incredible Instagram accounts from Austinites who would make us envious if their photos weren’t so damn good. Many of them are professional photographers, but some of them are hobby photographers who happen to have a serious knack for composing a shot.  Our new favorites are below…



This might be in the running for our favorite Instagram handle, first off. Thuglifeforevs is run by freelance photographer Emily Blincoe; we first noticed her work when her color block compositions of delicious sugary things popped up on our Tumblr radar. Her Instagram photos range from playing around with the composition of random items to shots of Austin that look almost reminiscent of small town life (like this one of Top Notch).



Whoa. Whoaaaa. Whoa. This dude. Never has our city looked so much like the adult equivalent of the coolest playground ever. Matt Crump has the creative pedigree of being a senior art director at GSD&M ad agency, and his candy shop colored Instagram plays with space, creating an image that’s almost as much about what isn’t there than what is.



Lauren is a portrait and documentary photographer with a knack for shooting small town Texas life. Instagram images often lack a compelling story, and this is where Lauren’s account really stands out. Whether it’s a shot of a family playing a basketball game at an arcade or a high school wrestler bench pressing at a competition, her documentary background helps her images rise above the fray.

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