GIFT GUIDE // Have a bright new year!

Fierce is a word we’re a little afraid to use, seeing as Tyra Banks kind of co-opted it for America’s Next Top Model. Yet, fierce is the word that conjures up exactly how we want to approach 2014. Here at Son of a Sailor, we’ve actually had a pretty fierce 2013 (which we are incredibly thankful for) and we’re hoping that continues this year. For a little visual motivation to get our hustle on in the new year, here are a few items we’re looking at, including the aptly named print featured below…

1 // Hustle Print by Charm & Gumption

Here’s the literal, block-lettered motivation you need when you forget there’s no game without hustle. A little glamor is needed as well, hence the gold foil print.

2 // Pleated Midi Dress by Ted Baker

Something about this dress is fantastical. It’s electric yellow with the sort of silhouette that would flatter any shape. It’s an elegant Ted Baker piece that’s modest yet, somehow, powerfully sexual. Unfortunately this particular piece seems to be out of stock temporarily, but use this as inspiration for a dress to go get stuff done in.

3 // 2014 Planner by Craft Colorfully

Planners, if you’re still the old school, gotta write it down sort, are a monumental purchase. It sets the mood for your year (if you love office supplies as much as we do), so keep it neutral with a basic style you won’t get tired of.

4 // Neon Friendship Bracelet from Boo and Boo Factory

You’ll need a pal to hold you to your 2014 resolutions, and you can make it official with these. Boo and Boo Factory was one of our favorite 2013 discoveries. Her pieces are energizing and artistic, and, above all, always look like they’re ready for a party.

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