"For designers & makers: What to do when your designs get copied"

via Madesmith

Last year Son of a Sailor had to deal with a Japanese wholesaler who was copying and selling our designs. This was our first major experience with it, and we realized that, as this post on Madesmith wisely suggests, the only way you can truly beat copycats is to continually innovate. This was a great (and optimistic) post on an incredibly frustrating issue.

"Super Heroine: An Interview with Lorde"

via Rookie

Rookie founder and editor, Tavi Gevinson, sat down with Lorde, the very young, very talented mover/shaker musician whose name you just may be a little tired of hearing (except her songs are so catchy and relatable, dammit). This interview goes way past another celebrity interview. It’s two young adults, both famous and successful at very young ages, who are shooting the breeze about the fun stuff (Beyonce’s new album) and the serious stuff (feminism and the music business). It’s that deep, meandering conversation you get into with a good friend, and, for that alone, it’s a great read.

"Sharon Jones: Child No More"

via Noisey

Sharon Jones is an almost supernaturally talented soul queen who became recognized for her abilities a bit later in life. Last June, just after announcing the release of her newest album, Jones was diagnosed with Stage II pancreatic cancer. Here, she gets real about cancer, fear of death, black women in pop music and Kanye West, of course. The dynamic Ms. Jones was back in action last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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