This week in fine reading…

1 / Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With Summer Anne Burton

Hairpin writer Anne Helen Petersen had a fantastic idea with this series on the folks who provide the content you read online. It’s so fantastic, in fact, that it’s not technically a link from this week, but too good not to share. So many of us spend a good portion of our professional lives working on the same platforms we use socially (Facebook, Tumblr, etc). It’s refreshing to start putting a face and a life story to the thousands of articles and posts made each day.

2 / Biz Ladies: 6 Tips for Staying Creative without Colleagues

Margaret Hancock, freelance curator and educator, has provided services for places such as Savannah College of Art & Design and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. With credentials like that, we’re already listening to whatever advice she has to offer. Her 6 tips for staying creative (when you’re not always around colleagues) are brilliant.

3 / Havana Nights

Cuba, for obvious reasons, is a country Americans have to finagle their way into, thus making it inaccessible for most. The mystery and intense culture behind daily Cuban life give it a heady appeal. That’s why this photo diary from Natalie Joos of Tales of Endearment stuck out to us this week. The photos are dripping in bright color against crumbling matte brick walls.

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