CURATE // Roundup: 3 food magazines off the beaten path

Sugar and Rice

We first saw this Gulf Coast-dedicated magazine on the shelves of Farewell Books here in Austin. Its articles are as varied and raw as the region it serves. Whether you want to learn more about coastal ecosystems or read about women-owned bars along the Gulf, Sugar and Rice illuminates a region whose art and culture is often ignored.

Cherry Bombe

Two things drew us initially to Cherry Bombe: 1) Erin McKenna of New York-based BabyCakes gripping a vintage oven and 2) the theme simply being “Baked”. This incredibly rad magazine is a “necessity is the mother of invention” sort of thing. There are so many talented women of all ages and culinary/cultural demographics doing cool things, like Robyn Wilson of The poor porker or The New Potato gals, and this publication is working hard to give them their due.

Lucky Peach

Lucky Peach, founded in 2011, has an established and growing fanbase devoted to its unconventional approach to the culinary scene. It was started by David Chang, owner of the Momofuku Restaurant Group, to expand on the unconventional approach to modern food culture Momofuku has taken. Lucky Peach helped launch the exploratory, let’s-tell-a-story trend of food publications, with a single theme per issue telling a million important stories.

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