GIFT GUIDE // HOLIDAY: Tomoko Kuwaharais

Tomoko's work seems to be right at the intersection of modernity, playfulness and femininity, with beautiful use of color. Her pikuniku dolls are graceful and elegant, fitting easily on the mantel of a stylish adult, but colorful and playful enough to be found in a child’s room. Her calligraphy simply makes us mad, because we wish we had that kind of hand! Either way, we trust her style endlessly, and love the collection of gifts she’s put together.

Gifts for a weekend camper

Getting out of town for a quick camping adventure in the Texas Hill Country is one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend. Outside of the hustle and bustle, I have a moment to breathe, enjoy quiet conversations with those I love, and get back in touch with the never-ending Texas sky. When I finally make my escape for the great outdoors, I like to take a few well-designed goods with me so that I always have a piece of home.

1. Bourbon infused marshmallow from Bourbon and Boots
This might veer into the ‘glamping’ zone, but these bourbon-infused marshmallows are delicious and perfect for toasting over the campfire. I’ll take my s’mores without the chocolate and graham crackers—I just wonder if they catch fire quicker…

2. Painted canoe paddles by Norquay
We’ve all seen the beautifully painted axes by bestmadeco, but these canoe paddles are equally pretty and—I’ll say it—far less threatening. Though they are waterproof, they might not be the most practical purchase. So instead, I’ll hang mine on my wall and dream of my next canoeing adventure.

3. Constellation poster by Best Made Co.
When we’re far out, I always wish that I knew more about constellations and the stories behind them. Whether you hang this on your ceiling or wall at home, you can study up on all the stars you might not see in the city.

4. Hip pack from Herschel Supply
I think hip packs (or fanny packs), are one of the most under-rated accessories out there. This will be your new best friend in the wild, carrying your trail mix and keeping your hands free.

5. Camp mugs from Poler
A hot cup of coffee, tea, or whiskey keeps me feeling cozy and fueled in nature. This adorable cup will do just the trick next to the campfire.

6. Succulents poster by Leah Duncan
Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nature. This poster by Leah is a beautiful rendering of succulents and it is a super cute to boot. Plus, because it’s printed on dark paper, the colors will pop anywhere you hang it.

We’re in! Despite the chilly weather and our lack of a warm enough sleeping bag, we now have the urge to camp again. Thankfully we can tolerate the cold a little better than the Texas summer heat…

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