HOME // DECOR: Lost Art of the Sunroom

Let’s take a second and speculate what happened to the lost art of the sunroom. Our grandparents’ homes had ‘em, and possibly our childhood homes too. They were a wonder of 1960s suburban design. The key ingredients seemed to be carpet (ew, let’s change that), lots of patio windows, leafy indoor plants, chill coastal colors and patio furniture. We think it’s time for a comeback.

1 // Modern Day Sunroom - We don’t know where this delightful sunroom is located, but we love the saltillo tile, purple and green accents, and seventies wood tones. via Pinterest

2 // Bathroom - This is clearly not a sunroom, but we love the accents that make this place feel like your hippie aunt’s house on the coast. We dig the leafy plants, antique mirrors and sweet beaded curtain. via Dishfunctional Designs

3 // Seventies Sunroom - This is another photo of mysterious origin (looks early Terrence Conran-ish?) but we love the retro orange, the rug and abundance of ferns. via jjjjound

4 // Golden Girls Sunroom - If retirement means a fabulous home in Miami with wicker furniture and palm leaves everywhere, we want in. via Huffington Post

5 // Lounge Chair - Fifties retro modern chair via ShopStyle 

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