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A true good night’s sleep is an elusive thing. Most of the time we stumble into bed, electronic devices still in hand, and fall asleep with the next day’s anxieties on our mind. Luxurious beds with all-white down bedspreads and pajamas that aren’t an old shirt and shorts seem mostly relegated to magazine spreads. The holidays are upon us, though, and with work, family and holiday obligations upon us, it’s as good a time as ever to invest in a little luxurious solitude where you rest your head. Here are four items that have us feeling all dreamy…

Marble & Milkweed / Bath Nectar / $18

Drawing a warm bath, filling it with a delectable scent, and turning out the lights to drown out the visual noise around you is a beautiful thing. Pour some of Brooklyn-based Marble & Milkweed’s bath nectar in your tub. Raw honey, coconut and sesame oils are blended to create an ambrosia-scented delight.

Osaka Loungers / Anthropologie / $58

The ideal pajama is equal parts stylish and comfortable - something that would double as just really comfortable pants out in public. We think these beautiful Japanese-inspired trousers are too lovely to not wear out of the house.

Handmade Applique Comforter Cover / Gypsya / $198

Our last “good morning” series featured an item from Gypsya, an online store based out of Salt Lake City. We can’t get enough of the intricate, richly historic prints, from the figures handstitched on this duvet cover to their bright tribal prints. This comforter cover is arresting in its attention to detail and the roughly sketched ancient story it tells.

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