FASHION // HERS: Sweater Roundup

For the ladies…

1 // Vintage Koala Bear Holiday Sweater // Twig & Spoke Vintage

You will be the one with the most double takes at the party. “Is that a…holiday koala sweater?” they will speculate, and you can give an emphatic yes! (and pat yourself on the back for being the cutest AND most unique.)

2 // Reindeer Fair Isle Sweater // ASOS

This is a classic holiday sweater without looking too kitschy. Good for meeting conservative in-laws or paired with a swingy skirt to look cute ‘n sassy during the holidays.

3 // Bow Tie Penguin Christmas Jumper // Dorothy Perkins

You will be an unapologetic cutie patootie in this sweater. Good for wanting to look as harmless as possible because you are untouchable with a ridiculously cute penguin on your sweater. If there were a speech bubble coming from that penguin’s mouth it would simply say “Hello there.”

For the dudes…

1 // Tipsy Elves Santa Holiday Sweater // Urban Outfitters

Yes, that is Santa urinating presumably somewhere in the North Pole. Santa had a little too much to drink at the party (or because he was trying to deal with holiday pressures), and we’re hoping he won’t end up with an indecent exposure charge on his record. Either way, a fantastic ugly sweater party item.

2 // Holiday Sweater with Stag // River Island

Just look at that babe in the photo. A guy not ashamed to be festive is the most attractive guy at the party! This sweater is also understated and would accompany a “Nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So” quite well.

3 // The Hanukkah Sweater // Tipsy Elves

So we know this is the second Tipsy Elves sweater we’ve used, but this one is too good to pass up. The dancing dreidels holding up a menorah are pretty much the most fantastic thing. Besides, what would a holiday sweater round-up be without a Hanukkah sweater?

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