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Austin, Texas is about to get really, really cold (for us that means below 40). This means we need to get prepared with any and everything that can be served sweet and warm. Hot chocolate is a given, but we’re thinking of other easy, warm dessert items. S’mores are not just for the outdoors, and we’re digging these indoor varieties. (be warned, this is unapologetic s’more porn)
// Indoor S’mores with Toasted Oak Marshmallows from Local Milk //

Local Milk is our current favorite food blog. Beth, a stylist, photographer, writer, takes us on her journey of appreciating the ugliness and beauty of every moment of cooking (and life in the process). This s’more recipe sounds absolutely delectable.

// Strawberry Banana S’mores from Recipe.com //

Feeling guilty about consuming just chocolate and marshmellow-y substance? Throw some freshness in with strawberry and banana, microwave, and you’re set.

// Grilled Poundcake S’more Sandwich from Buns in My Oven //

While this is not in technical s’more territory, this sandwich has the key ingredients. This looks amazing in a feel-ourselves-gaining-ten-pounds-by-looking-at-it way. No remorse, guys, no remorse.

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