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This time of year there may actually be no sweeter thing than gifting yourself a night in. With work, family, shopping, etc etc etc keeping you on constant go mode, a night with just the couch, a bath, a magazine or a movie is the dream. Even if it’s just stealing away and not answering your phone for an hour or two, these three things will assist in maximizing chill time.

1 // Voluspa Boxed Candle

The Voluspa candles are ever present in larger stores like Anthropologie, Nordstrom’s and various boutiques, and for good reason. Few candles smell as sumptuous and last as long as these. Even the names and rich colors are indicative of things dark and romantic, from Maison Rouge to Japonica.

2 // Magazine Cafe Store

via Kay Montano

So this isn’t a “thing” per se but this online magazine store (with a brick-and-mortar location in New York’s fashion district) is incredibly seductive for anyone who loves the print and graphics and smooth pages of magazines. They have almost every art/culture/fashion title you can think of from around the world. Some of our favorites are Lula and Wonderland.

3 // Grey & Neon Jersey Blanket by Life Story Shop

This jersey blanket will keep you all warm n’ cuddly while still looking pretty cool. It’s the same material that your favorite sweats are made of, and the neon pink thread addition tops off the simple design nicely. While you’re on Life Story, be sure to check out other items on this cool site out of Scotland, ranging from furniture to taxidermy.

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