CURATE // 3 Longform Reads

When the sugar rush of Tumblr, Instagram, etc. has worn off and you need to come down, reading something that’s longer than bullet list form is a great way. It takes less time than sitting down and reading a book (though, of course, we recommend that too) and it can be just as stimulating. Longform.com is always a great source of investigative journalism around the web. Here’s three lengthier (but still pop culture-ish) reads we’ve enjoyed lately…

1 / The Hair Stories Behind American Hustle on The Cut

Everyone’s getting antsy for the release of American Hustle, a film already getting brilliant reviews. This piece talks a lot about the symbolism and influence of over-the-top seventies hairstyles on the film. It’s a lot more than talking about hair, though; it’s more a look at the makings of a great movie and the era that influenced it.

2) Sex: A Very Oral Report on Playboy

Yes, we realize this is Playboy. However, this is a fantastic general piece on some rad women’s views on sexuality. From Jane Pratt to Natasha Leggero to Megan Mullally, their unfiltered views on the porn industry, relationships, etc make for a compelling read.

3) Inside the Rainbow Gulag: The Technicolor Rise and Fall of Lisa Frank on Jezebel

Any girl who spent some time as a kid/teen in the nineties is probably very familiar with Ms. Frank’s empire of rainbow bright prints that would fit in a girl’s bedroom or a rave. Recently Urban Outfitters began selling Lisa Frank goods, then released a promotional video of the mysterious Lisa Frank. This article answers a lot of the questions that went unanswered, mostly what happened to Frank’s huge company? A lot of bizarre yet not entirely surprising things. Read on!

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